Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing means computing “is in cloud” i.e. the processing is not in a specified or static place. Cloud Computing with Microsoft Cloud online services provides you the power to build your own cloud for processing.

Cloud Computing uses off-site server clusters that are in the cloud or in large, secure, well maintained network operation centers. Cloud solutions can be any application from a customer relationship management accounting, to word processing, to a widget on your workstation, laptop or mobile phone. Today, enterprises in every sector are figuring out how to do more with less. IT leaders are looking to cloud computing to deliver much needed innovation with minimal capital expenditure.

There are two tracks in cloud computing i.e. sell & service track and build & deploy track. The former is for partners seeking to sell and deploy online services, whereas later is for partners focused on building intellectual property on the Azure platform. At ARCS Group Ltd., we provide cloud solutions which accelerate the growth of your business by building or selling cloud solutions based on innovative Microsoft technologies. Through Microsoft cloud solutions, you can give existing customers and new prospects access to the applications they know and trust – without requiring capital expenses or additional human expenses. Cloud Computing Services –

  1. Gaining access to new customers and markets, cost reduction and the need for maximum flexibility with real time interaction - these are major organizational issues driving the need for cloud delivery and consumption models.
  2. Cloud Computing enable new business and IT approaches through standardizing applications, infrastructure, testing environments and business processes to improve service delivery, while realizing new levels of efficiency.
  3. It accelerates your application development; realize cost savings and faster time to value in your cloud environment and simplify deployment of a complete cloud services environment.
  4. Cloud computing also provides anytime, anywhere access to applications, information and resources. It delivers world class social networking services and online collaboration tools.
  5. Cloud Computing describes a new supplement, consumption, and delivery model for IT sector, and typically involves over the internet provision of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources.

With the advent of Cloud Computing, it seems that every big name wants to get associated with it. There are three major causes behind its growing popularity

  • Maintenance of Cloud Computing is simply negligible.
  • Due to its infinite size, you need to worry about the occupancy.
  • With Internet connection, you can access its services from anywhere.

Computing in cloud helps the processing in not a specified or static place but anywhere. We at ARCS provide cloud computing provider service that helps to build your own cloud for processing. Web world is growing immensely and we provide numerous solutions for cloud computing to fulfill all your requirements. Contact ARCS Group for best services.