Restaurant Management System

WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get!!

Welcome to Cloud Pos! We believe in the theory of WYSIWYG which drives us to develop simply desirable and functional web based restaurant application.
Being a part of food industry, you must be aware of strong competition one has to face in terms of tastes, quality, demand and supply. Thus, you should be well-prepared to deliver and get the best from the food industry.

Synchronized Management with Stunning Visual

An impressive look can do wonders to create an initial buzz. We understand the necessity that food must appear and taste awesome to grab attention which leads to future success. Our dedicated Restaurant Management System assures best-ever experience to its users, as it is a complete in-built package. It ensures effective as well as efficient management of restaurant with computerized meal ordering, billing and inventory control. With automated transaction processing, resulting data storage and report generation, manager can take smart business decisions.

Major Highlights:
  • Pleasant graphics and informative content
  • Beautifully presented food menus
  • Eye-catching slide shows of hot dishes straight from kitchen
  • Easy content update
  • User-friendly Reservation
  • Sharing files and data securely
  • Mobile Friendly templates
  • Easy Navigation
User-friendly Productive Application

This is an ultimate compact Restaurant Management System deals with mainly five types of users. All the five users can easily access and use this application accordingly.

Cake-walk for Customers

For customers, this management system will be a delight to go for. With three types of order-placing facilities, they can book in accordance with their convenience. Firstly, they can book table or order food from comforts of their home or office from the main reservation page.

All they need to do:
  • Locating the restaurant nearest to their place.
  • Registering with their details
  • Online order or reservation
  • Check the availability of desired dish in the menu
  • Click payment options
  • Other two options for placing order or reservation are either counter booking or in-house booking. You can check the Counter Booking under the Waiters or Servers section, whereas in-house booking feature is ideal for those guests, who want to place order in the restaurant itself and will have a wonderful dining experience with their dear ones. This feature enables every member on the table to order food according to his/her tastes. The application also displays nutritional value of the ordered-food along with online payment option.
Waiters or Servers – In-restaurant Application

When guest arrives at the restaurant and places order at the counter, then waiter or server can use this application for booking. He/she can easily access the status of availability or non-availability of table, i.e. reserved or occupied. If table is available then book it for the guest by filling up all the requisite details.
Under the Guest Details Section, they can easily check the order status of the guest, whether it is pending, preparing, order ready or delivered.

Administrator or Manager

A good administrator is the backbone of any successful organization. He needs to be well organized, fully informed and have complete access over all the undergoing functions. Earlier, administrator had to manage piles of records and files. But, now time has changed and there is consistent growth in terms of software application. Equipped with all the latest software applications, our Restaurant Management System has made the work easy, accurate, credible and authentic for the administrator. The complete management of this immensely demanding organization is just a click away from him.

Here are a few key highlights:
  • Under Menu section, you can easily update, add or delete food items.
  • Update, add or delete measurements, tools, taxes and ingredients.
  • User section enables you to form a user list along with modification in public and personal holidays.
  • You can access and manage the accessibility of a particular group under Group list section.
  • You can also check the availability of services in a particular location.
  • Table list creation is another significant feature under Table option which enables addition or modification of particular table such as its name, seating capacity, availability status and location.
  • To check all the details related to the placed orders and customers, you can opt for Order Option.
  • Promo Code is another interesting feature to attract online customers by offering them lucrative discounts.
Cooks/ Kitchen Staff

This feature is meant for Cooks or Kitchen staff, where they can check the status of placed-orders. Orders are mainly categorized into two sections as:


Under this section, placed-orders have been assigned to the Kitchen Staff, where they can check the status of placed order, whether it is Pending, Preparation, Ready and Delivered.


Under this section, placed orders are yet to be assigned to the cooks and assign it to the cook whose order is ready or delivered. You can also check key order details like Table & Seat No., Order Id, Customer Name, Order Item and Check In.

Less Documentation- Easy Handling- Sky high Results

Perfection causes proximity to prominence and lead. Our Restaurant Management System is developed exclusively for those who strives to deliver best in the market with their brilliant performance. The application simply reduces exhaustive documentation process and handles toughest of management actions with ease.
With considerable advancement in digital media marketing, nowadays social media is the best way to catch eye-balls of near or faraway audience. We offer features which enable you to integrate with social media and give a broader horizon to your product. This restaurant management portal is immensely appealing and beneficial for all the users.

In-House Order

Have an Incredible Dinning Experience with your Family and Friends!!!

Feel the luxury of having lip smacking cuisine midst the stunning decor and world class hospitality! The serenity, aroma and brilliant service will sweep off your feet. You can place order of your desired food individually by passing the tab to all the respective members of your table.

Its simple, easy and fantastic, as you have the privilege to enjoy food of your choice.

You are just a click away from the world of taste and happiness.

  • Everybody can eat food of his/her liking.
  • We are immensely conscious about the health and hygiene of our guests. Hence, we display complete details related to the nutritional value of the desired food.
  • After ordering the food, make payment online.
  • Feel the style, comfort, perfection and taste while dining here.
  • Ambiance is outstanding with world class hospitality and management.
Just Remember -

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” – Virginia Woolf

Book Your Order

Place order with ease and speed! All you need to check is the availability of table then fill in the name, contact number and number of guests. Order Confirmed!!

Quick Look!!
  • You can check availability of restaurant in specific location.
  • You can check the status of table, whether it is available, reserved or occupied.
  • Instant booking of the available table by filling requisite information related to the guest.
  • Guest Details are accessible.
  • You can check status of the order, whether it is pending, preparing, ready or to be delivered.

The application is designed specifically for the kitchen staff and cooks. Here, you will get complete information regarding the placed orders. Orders are categorized into two groups as Assigned Order and Unassigned Order.

How It Works
  • Assigned Order gives details related to the status of order like whether the order is pending, preparing, ready or delivered.
  • Unassigned Orders are those which are waiting to be assigned to the cook, whose order is either already delivered or ready to be delivered.
  • Unassigned Order carries complete information related to the order like Table No., Seat No., Order Id, Customer Name, Order Item and Check In.

Online Administration

A good manager is a great artist, who gives problem an interesting look, which everybody wants to solve. Organize well and make life a joyful ride for all. So, get ready for an effective management with perfect arrangements and superb leadership.

No more shuffling of files and old records! This is a simple application which enables Administrator to check and update all the significant as well as smallest information regarding the restaurant quickly. You can update, modify, add or delete any of the changes happened in the restaurant accordingly. Here, you can schedule your priorities and manage time.

Major Highlights
  • New recipes or old recipes can be updated, added or removed under the Menu Section.
  • Measurements, tools, taxes and ingredient can be updated, added or removed under the Menu Section.
  • Under the User section, administrator can create user list and also update public as well as personal holidays.
  • Group list determine accessibility of a specific group to the online portal.
  • Location option enables the administrator to check the availability of services in specific location.
  • With Table option, you can create table list adding significant factors of a particular table like Table name, table seating capacity, table status, table location.
  • Order option gives complete details related to the orders being placed and customers.
  • You can update or modify promo code etc.
  • You can integrate your services with social media and increase your network.

'One always has time enough, if one will apply well' - Goethe

Order Online Food

No Waiting! No Queue! Easy Online Ordering!!
Just Order Your Favorite Food Online and Avail Exciting Discounts.

Savor your appetite with tempting cuisine from all across the globe! The mesmerizing art of fine food is practiced and delivered to make you happy and contended from deep inside. With wide range of delicacies from all across the world, you have the privilege to choose your favorite food and enjoy some quality time with your dear ones. We believe in offering wonderful dishes and ensure that our guests should get complete value for their money. Our expert chefs are working hard with their knowledge, imaginations and brilliant initiatives to make you happy.

How Its Works
  • Locate Restaurant Nearest to Your Place.
  • Make a Reservation or Order Online.
  • Register with your details.
  • Check our the Menu and its Availability.
  • Choose Payment Options.
  • Chef Special
  • All Credit Cards Accepted
  • No Hassles!
  • Easy to Place Order
  • Delivery on-time