Salesforce Integration 7
Salesforce Integration 7

Salesforce integration is an information system that is used in Customer Relationship Management to automate sales and related functions. When Salesforce system is integrated with marketing system, then the resultant entity is called CRM or Customer Relationship Management.

Today, Salesforce integration is not only an important but also a very useful and powerful system in an organization. With the introduction of a Salesforces system, the access to significant areas of business is improved.

At ARCS Group Ltd., we provide Salesforce automation and integration systems that help organizations both large and small in developing a Salesforce automation system. Our Salesforce system helps in integrating all your sales, accounting, finance, operations and marketing information so that all these departments work more coordinately for better results and revenues. We help organizations in developing customized Salesforce integration and automation services, keeping in mind both present and future trends of the business.

The features of our Salesforce automation process include:

  • Ease of transfer from normal to Salesforce system: Our Salesforce integration system is designed in such a way so that any amount of transfer will be done very easily without any errors with regards to the entry and proper placement of the information. Our system is designed to recognize data from a wide range of databases and formats.
  • Customization of existing solution to include the new system: If there is an existing system in the organization, we will provide customized suggestions and solutions for the existing systems to function smoothly.
  • Integration of the new system into the old system: Our development and support team will help in proper installation and integration of the new Salesforce integration system on to the old system without any integration issues.
  • Low cost migration: The Salesforce automation and integration developed by ARCS Group Ltd. is a low cost solution to the issue of automation of sales.
  • Reporting and analytical features: Reporting and analytical features in the system will help in creating accurate and real time reports and analytics for a periodic review of the progress of the sales.
  • No additional hardware or software required: Our Salesforce integration system does not require any such special or additional hardware or software systems which is ideally suited for small and medium organizations.
  • Sales force has become one of the largest and popular CRM. It is enjoying sky-high success due to its innumerable benefits and resources for the end-user. One of the key reasons behind its popularity is that it is user-friendly and effectively covering huge range of business and companies. Another reason is its outstanding functionality and offer backbone service required for easy data collaboration with number of departments, customer information, statistical option and adaptability to operate on any of the available browser like desktop, tablet or mobile device.
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