School Management System

In this digital world, every aspect of our lives are inspired by technology. The rapidly growing trend has become knowingly or unknowingly an integral part of our day to day lives. Nowadays, our education system has also become hi-tech as most of the schools are opting for high quality websites. An E-School Management System or ESMS gives a competitive edge as it effectively reflects its values, prospects, attitude and adaptability with modern ways.

To contact the school authorities, parents often seek opportunities to get their queries solved. With a comprehensive ESMS, a channel of communication is open between school and parents. To meet the concerns of parents, ESMS offers a few options like contact form, live chat and mail. The availability of more opportunities for communication leads to increase in the popularity of the school among both the parents and students.

E-School Management System or ESMS is a comprehensive school management system which effectively features all the significant components of a school. This is a simple interactive platform for parents, teachers, students and management. An internet based school management is accessible to everybody from everywhere. The vast school management system features huge range of features like records and profiles, timetable management, fee management, operations, administration etc.

ESMS is certainly a cost effective and communication channel between students, teachers and parents amidst immense level of data security. The online management system act efficiently in performing varied range of activities like updating information or incorporating different rules.

Major Highlights

  • Easy navigation with automated features
  • Customised modules
  • Instant formation of new posts, categories and pages
  • Simple creation of slide shows of school images
  • News Section
  • Easily accessible
  • Teacher and Student Friendly


An ESMS enables teachers to facilitate the powerful and impressive e-learning in their class rooms. It effectively enhances the literacy skills in students as they can understand topics in a simple manner. Moreover, students can create and share learning in a much better way. They can share their creativity with helpful feedback and get more credible audience to judge.

A powerful ESMS act as an effective communication tool with the parents as they can easily access updates related to events and examination schedule. Those parents who can't catch their child's performance on a regular basis, the ESMS will be valuable.

There is considerable change in the academic process and has become inevitable for the school authorities to adapt to it. An informative ESMS keeps the students completely engaged as huge range of study materials or interactive learning possibilities are easily accessible to them. They can also track grades and success.


Our ESMS effectively bridges the gap between parents, students and school authorities. To get relevant school information, both the Teachers and Students can access it.


To access the ESMS, a student needs to login with User Id and password. Once the student login, he/she will be able to catch the latest News and Updates. He/she can also check the alerts like Date Sheet for Half Yearly Exams or Unit Tests, Fee Schedule and Feedback Form.


Teachers also need to login the site with secured ID and password and can access details like Latest Updates and Alerts.

Key Features:

  • Student –In this section, you can view complete details of a student like name, gender, date of birth, date of joining and roll number. The module also permit to Add New Student.
  • Employee – Under this section, you can add and view details of School Employee like Teacher, Finance, Operations etc. It comprises another sub-section featuring complete employee details like Code, Department, kind of employee, name and address. Some more significant fields need to be updated are Qualification, Class, Salary, School, Manager and Note.
  • Class – Under this section, you add, update Class details like Class Name and Subject for all sections. Its further subsection features details like Schedule and Section, where you can update details like First Period Start, Break Start, Total Periods, Working Day, Last Period End, Break End and Period Duration.
  • Operations – Under this section, there will be evaluation of the academic performance of students annually. It also manages student records since the time of registration. All the confidential information is under highest security.
  • Messaging – Under this section, all the users can interact by exchanging messages.
  • Fee – School staff manages the Fee section.
  • Attendance – Under this section, attendance of students, teachers and other staff members are maintained, where teachers maintain students' attendance and staff maintain teachers'.
  • Time Table – Under this section, you can add, view, update and edit Time table for all classes. Under the Time Table heading, you can edit, view and change it accordingly. This module enables the user to assign periods to subject teachers. With Add tab, you can create a new Time Table with sections like Class, Section, Date From and Date To.
  • Management – Under this section, every department of the school is administered. It effectively manages school and its intricate working like campus management, communication between teachers, students and parents and complete management in a cost-effective manner.
  • Reports – The module consists of key reports of the school administration like Fee Report, Employee Report, Student Report, Time Table Report, Class Report, Mark Sheet Report and Attendance Report.