Security Solutions
Security Solutions

ARCS Group Ltd. is also the authorized seller of AVG Security products. AVG is one of the world’s most recognizable names in online threat protection, with millions of people around the world relying on AVG to keep safe.

AVG is a family of antivirus and internet security software for the Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and Free BSD computing platforms, developed by AVG technologies. AVG is a term used for a range of antivirus and internet security software for the Microsoft windows. We offer all range of AVG antivirus & security products at discounted prices. The antivirus gives full protection against viruses for both home and business users. It includes business as well as home security with latest and advanced products.

Home Security

Home Security includes AVG Internet Security, AVG PC Tune Up, AVG Livekive and AVG Family Safety to protect your PC anti virus, anti Spyware, safe downloading, keep hackers out of your home network, wireless network safety i.e. protects you from remote attacks when connected to WiFi networks.

At software security solutions, our business is to help people understand and integrated layered computer security. Securing computers properly takes the right security software, tools and processes all working together to provide the best protection. We offer all the protection clients need to make sure their data is safe, secured and easily recoverable. Our goal is to find the combination of solutions that are best for each user.

Business Security

Protect your business, staff and customers from the latest online threats, protect critical data on your servers, maintain server efficiency, easy to install and manage solutions that save your business time. Business security includes AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2011, AVG Antivirus Business Edition 2011, AVG File Server Edition 2011, AVG Email Server Edition 2011 and AVG Linux Server Edition 2011.

Some Key Benefits of Using AVG Security Solutions:

Saving Your Identity

When someone shops online then we warn them regarding the detection of potential dangerous software which tries to steal your password or credit number.

No Distractions While Scanning

With AVG Smart Scanning solutions, there is considerable reduction in distraction When employees are not using PCs then opt for low-priority mode.

Blocking of Hackers

On both the wired and wireless networks, firewalls functions for the protection of the company's data. They also prevent malware affecting PC.

Complete Protection

With AVG Security Solutions, your company will be free from viruses, malware and spam. With Real Time updates, upgrades, employees protection will be always updated.

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ARCS the authorized seller of AVG antivirus. AVG is a term used for a range of anti virus and internet security software for the Microsoft windows. ARCS Group Ltd. provides number of anti virus solutions according to different windows. Contact ARCS Group for best services.