Empowering RedSpot Interactive’s Business Growth through Innovative Solutions

ARCS, acknowledged for its proficiency in web application development, prominently contributed to shaping the success story of RSI.
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Business growth through Innovative solutions
Red Spot Interactive


  • Large scale complex system.
  • Entire customer site page load time need to in less then 5 seconds.
  • Real time integration between lot of systems.


RedSpot Interactive (RSI), known for its commitment to transparent ROI tracking software and patient engagement tools, aimed to enhance its capabilities and refine business objectives. ARCS, acknowledged for its proficiency in web application development, prominently contributed to shaping the success story of RSI.

RSI Objectives

RSI operates with a focus on three key objectives: Patient Acquisition & Retention, ROI Analytics, and Marketing Services. Their strategy revolves around converting client leads into attended patient appointments, analyzing ROI through embedded analytics, and driving marketing success through proprietary ROI Analytics software.

From the Client

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all for your dedication and personal sacrifice to bring this launch to reality.
M Jone

30+ million

500% increase in sales

20% Growth

Process automation Faster Fulfillment

50% Increase

Organization productivity

ARCS Contributions

ARCS has been at the forefront of crafting the DNA of some of RSI’s transformative applications, including Client Portal Development, Client Exporter and Importer, CampaignProcessor for Targeted Campaigns, DataSyncMatch and NetSuiteIntegration, RedSpotInteractive.TimerClientImporter, and MerchantProcessingApi for Secure Payments. Our significant contributions have been pivotal in shaping the success of these applications, instilling them with innovation, efficiency, and a competitive edge. RedSpot Interactive’s optimization further refines and amplifies the impact, solidifying ARCS as the driving force behind the development of these innovative solutions

Client Portal Development

ARCS spearheaded the development of a client portal for RSI, enabling personalized ROI reporting and campaign creation. This portal serves as a centralized hub for managing campaigns, converting leads into valuable patients and appointments and facilitating informed decisions through in-depth data analytics.

Client Exporter and Importer Applications

ARCS facilitated the integration of Client Exporter and Client Importer applications, streamlining data synchronization. The Client Exporter extracts, encrypts, and uploads data to the RedSpotInteractive database, while the Client Importer efficiently imports this data, ensuring seamless information flow.

CampaignProcessor for Targeted Campaigns

ARCS implemented the CampaignProcessor tool, enabling RSI to initiate targeted campaigns efficiently. This tool simplifies the process of sending campaigns to specified email lists or phone numbers, enhancing RSI's marketing outreach.

DataSyncMatch and NetSuiteIntegration

ARCS contributed to the implementation of DataSyncMatch, streamlining the matching process for contacts, customers, leads, and appointments. NetSuiteIntegration was introduced to seamlessly submit requests to NetSuite from the portal, ensuring effective communication.

RedSpotInteractive TimerClientImporter

ARCS developed the RedSpotInteractive.TimerClientImporter, a web job crucial for synchronizing practice data, including patients, appointments, and appointment availability. This service enhances the accuracy of data and supports the import of contacts and other information from diverse sources.

MerchantProcessingApi for Secure Payments

ARCS played a pivotal role in integrating the MerchantProcessingApi, ensuring secure payment processing on the OS2 Booking Screen. This feature enhances the user experience and contributes to a seamless transaction process.


ARCS’s strategic contributions significantly strengthened RSI’s position in the healthcare technology landscape. The innovative solutions implemented streamlined operations, empowered data-driven decision-making, and enhanced patient engagement. The collaborative effort between ARCS and RSI stands as a testament to the transformative impact of tailored web application solutions in driving business growth and success.


The successful partnership between ARCS and RedSpot Interactive exemplifies how advanced web application development can revolutionize business operations. ARCS’s commitment to innovation and excellence has empowered RSI to achieve unprecedented success in patient engagement, ROI analytics, and marketing services, solidifying both organizations as leaders in their respective fields.