Enriching TruDiagnostics with Comprehensive Digitized Healthcare Reporting Solutions

ARCS, collaborated with TruDiagnostics to provide innovative solutions aimed at streamlining healthcare reporting solution processes.
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  • Large scale complex system.
  • Entire customer site page load time need to in less then 5 seconds.
  • Real time integration between lot of systems.


ARCS, collaborated with TruDiagnostics to provide innovative solutions aimed at streamlining healthcare reporting solution processes. The comprehensive suite of services delivered by ARCS brought about a transformative shift in TruDiagnostics’ Customer service, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Service Overview

ARCS’s integrated portal facilitated the seamless registration of new physicians and patients, optimizing the onboarding process. The portal allowed for convenient order creation, whether initiated within the portal, through Shopify, or via API integration. Orders were efficiently tracked through QuickBooks, ensuring a smooth financial workflow.

From the Client

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all for your dedication and personal sacrifice to bring this launch to reality.
M Jone

30+ million

500% increase in sales

20% Growth

Process automation Faster Fulfillment

50% Increase

Organization productivity

Key Strategies Implemented

Advanced Laboratory Integration

The integration of the LIMS portal played a crucial role in handling kit registrations. This streamlined process ensured that exclusive client-specific files were generated, providing essential data for multiple reports. ARCS's expertise in navigating laboratory workflows enhanced TruDiagnostics' capabilities and operational efficiency.

Empowering Patient Insights:

TruDiagnostics' patients gained unprecedented access to a wide array of reports, including Immune and Cell Immune reports, Telomere reports, DunedinPACE reports, DIABETES RISK reports, Weight Loss, MITOTIC CLOCK, Physical Fitness, Inflammation reports, and OMICm Age reports. These reports offered valuable insights such as INTRINSIC and EXTRINSIC Epigenetic Age, Telomere Length Based Biological Age Prediction, biological aging rate, and DNA methylation scores.

Comprehensive Report Summary

ARCS's solutions provided a consolidated Report Summary, giving patients a holistic view of their health. This comprehensive summary included Intrinsic Age, Extrinsic Age, Obesity Risk, Type 2 Diabetes Risk, Smoking & Disease Risk, Alcohol Consumption, and DNA Methylation insights. The user-friendly interface empowered patients to easily view and download these critical health metrics.

Efficient API Integration:

To further enhance operational efficiency, ARCS facilitated order creation directly through API integration. This seamless integration ensured a cohesive experience for TruDiagnostics, aligning with their commitment to cutting-edge healthcare solutions.


ARCS’s collaboration with TruDiagnostics resulted in a streamlined healthcare ecosystem, revolutionizing operational processes and enhancing patient engagement. The integrated portal, advanced laboratory workflows, and user-friendly report access empowered TruDiagnostics to provide a superior healthcare experience. The success of this collaboration exemplifies ARCS’s dedication to delivering tailored solutions that drive efficiency and innovation in the healthcare sector.


The partnership between ARCS and TruDiagnostics stands as a testament to the transformative impact of advanced web application solutions in the healthcare industry. By leveraging innovative technologies and customized approaches, ARCS has played a pivotal role in elevating TruDiagnostics’ capabilities, reinforcing their position as a leader in healthcare diagnostics.