Pre-Employee – how our solutions helped them to increase their productivity

This journey showcases how ARCS leveraged Salesforce Automation and Customization, along with a suite of integrations and automation processes, to elevate Pre-Employee's operational efficiency.
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  • Large scale complex system.
  • Entire customer site page load time need to in less then 5 seconds.
  • Real time integration between lot of systems.


In the dynamic landscape of pre-employment services, the demand for streamlined processes and enhanced productivity is paramount. ARCS, an Organization committed to provide innovative digitized solutions, has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the productivity of Pre-Employee, a leading player in the industry. This journey showcases how ARCS leveraged Salesforce Automation and Customization, along with a suite of integrations and automation processes, to elevate Pre-Employee’s operational efficiency.


  • We are using the salesforce Automation and Customization as much as possible by using flow, workflow, apex classes and triggers, Visual force pages and custom packages like Zoom Call etc to provide them centralized information system and Comprehensive report for their clients.
  • Customization also include a call center VF page from where they can send email, make a call, assign record to another Rep, contact to client or applicant etc., from a single VF page which improves their productivity a lot.
  • We have 100+ integrations and automation process in place which are running in background and sending applicant searches data to vendor for background check processing and updating the response data back in Salesforce and closing the clear searches automatically based on the response received and rules provided by pre-employ team without any manual interruption.
  • Automation triggers, Apps and flow also sending Comprehensive report and other information related emails to applicant and clients automatically which reduces the manual efforts a lot.
  • Billing process is also improved a lot and saving a lot of time of pre-employ team now as compare to past.
  • By using all above process and integrations pre-employ’s productivity has improved from 2000-2500 searches processing in a day in past to 5000+ searches a day now.

From the Client

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all for your dedication and personal sacrifice to bring this launch to reality.
M Jone

30+ million

500% increase in sales

20% Growth

Process automation Faster Fulfillment

50% Increase

Organization productivity

ARCS Contributions

Centralized Information System

ARCS implemented Salesforce Automation and Customization techniques, utilizing flows, workflows, apex classes, triggers, and custom packages like Zoom Call. This amalgamation created a centralized information system, ensuring that Pre-Employee's team had a comprehensive and unified view of client data. The integration of these tools facilitated efficient client management and streamlined reporting processes.

Call Center VF Page

The development of a customized Call Center Visualforce (VF) page proved to be a game-changer for Pre-Employee. This single interface empowered the team to perform multiple actions seamlessly, including sending emails, making calls, assigning records, and contacting clients or applicants. The Call Center VF page became a hub of productivity, significantly reducing the time spent on navigation and enhancing overall efficiency.

Automated Background Check Processing

ARCS implemented over 100 integrations and automation processes, orchestrating a background check workflow that operated seamlessly in the background. This system ensured that applicant search data was sent to vendors for processing, responses were updated in Salesforce, and clear searches were closed automatically based on predefined rules. This automated workflow eliminated manual interventions, enhancing accuracy and expediting the entire background check process.

Automated Communication

ARCS leveraged automation triggers, applications, and flows to send comprehensive reports and other information-related emails to both applicants and clients. This not only reduced the burden of manual communication efforts but also ensured timely and consistent updates. The automated communication process proved to be a critical element in improving overall operational efficiency.

Streamlined Billing Process

The billing process underwent significant improvements through ARCS' interventions, saving substantial time for the Pre-Employee team. Automation and customization streamlined billing workflows, reducing the complexities associated with financial transactions and enhancing overall financial efficiency.

Significant Productivity Growth

The culmination of these efforts resulted in a remarkable increase in Pre-Employee's productivity. From processing 2000-2500 searches a day in the past, the streamlined workflows and automation processes facilitated an impressive leap to over 5000 searches a day. This transformation underscored the effectiveness of ARCS' solutions in optimizing operations and maximizing output.


The transformation of Pre-Employee’s operational efficiency through ARCS’s Salesforce Automation and Customization marks a significant advancement in their journey. By integrating over 100 automated processes and a customized Call Center VF page, Pre-Employee witnessed a drastic increase in daily search processing, from 2000-2500 to over 5000, showcasing a leap in productivity. This case underscores ARCS’s ability to enhance workflows and streamline communications, setting a new benchmark in operational excellence and client satisfaction in the pre-employment services landscape.


ARCS’ collaboration with Pre-Employee stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovative application development. By leveraging Salesforce Automation, Customization, and a robust suite of integrations, ARCS not only addressed specific pain points but also propelled Pre-Employee into a new era of productivity. The success story outlined above exemplifies the tangible benefits that can be achieved through strategic application development, paving the way for continued growth and success.