Transforming Healthcare Productivity – Project LivHealth

LivHealth, a key player in the healthcare industry, sought to refine their operational processes and elevate productivity for even greater efficiency.
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Healthcare productivity
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  • Large scale complex system.
  • Entire customer site page load time need to in less then 5 seconds.
  • Real time integration between lot of systems.


LivHealth, a key player in the healthcare industry, sought to refine their operational processes and elevate productivity for even greater efficiency. ARCS took the initiative to enhance LivHealth’s workflow, bringing about a transformative shift through a comprehensive web application solution that refined operational processes and elevated productivity.

From the Client

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all for your dedication and personal sacrifice to bring this launch to reality.
M Jone

30+ million

500% increase in sales

20% Growth

Process automation Faster Fulfillment

50% Increase

Organization productivity

Approach and Solutions

Patient Integration and Portal Functionality

Integrated new patient data seamlessly from Shopify. Developed portal functionality for adding and managing patient information efficiently.

Supplement Order Integration

Integrated Recharge API for supplement orders, streamlining the order processing workflow.

Patient Details Module

Implemented a dedicated module displaying patient details, enabling users to easily update and access critical information.

Comprehensive Reporting

Developed various reports to simplify tasks such as revenue calculation and patient status tracking, reducing manual effort.

Appointment Management

Introduced a user-friendly appointment system. Provided detailed appointment reports for efficient scheduling.

Calendly Appointment Integration

Integrated Calendly, a third-party appointment scheduling link, enhancing the appointment booking process.

Prescription Functionality

Enabled prescription generation within the application, eliminating the need for manual prescriptions. Implemented fax functionality for sending prescriptions.

Product Management

Established a system to manage product details efficiently across different pharmacies.

Patient Shipment Tracking

Implemented a robust system to track patient shipments, updating status in real-time on both the patient portal and LivHealth's internal systems.

Automated Email Communication

Set up automated email notifications for various events, including refill orders, birthday wishes, and credit card payment failures.

Sure Scripts Integration

Integrated with Sure Scripts for the electronic transmission of prescriptions between healthcare organizations and pharmacies.

Salesforce Sync Integration

Established seamless integration with Salesforce for prescription synchronization.

Labcorp Integration

Collaborated with Labcorp to allow physicians to book various lab test appointments on behalf of patients. Facilitated the download of test reports directly through the application.

Task Management

Introduced a task creation functionality for practice staff to review patient activities and manage tasks efficiently.

Document Management

Provided document upload and download functionality for easy access to essential documents.

Promo Code Functionality

Implemented a promo code system, allowing LivHealth to provide discounts on prescriptions.


ARCS’s comprehensive web application solution led to a significant enhancement in LivHealth’s productivity. The streamlined processes, integrated functionalities, and automated workflows resulted in improved efficiency, reduced manual efforts, and an overall positive impact on LivHealth’s day-to-day operations. The successful collaboration highlights ARCS’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that empower organizations to thrive in their respective industries.